About Us

WISH is dedicated to optimizing your health by caring for you, as an individual.

Many health care providers and diet plans treat people with a cookie-cutter approach. Through WISH, you will gain valuable information about your own body and its unique needs.

By reviewing individual blood chemistry, Dr. Sandy Bevacqua and her team work with you, the individual, to develop a personalized program including nutrition, diet, exercise and lifestyle  to bring your body and mind back into balance. It is our intention that every client eventually experiences optimal health and weight as well as youthful vitality and sharp mental function.

Through nutrition, supplements and personal coaching, Dr. Sandra Bevacqua and her team will guide you to obtain and maintain optimal health for your body and mind.

We know that you are unique, and that you need a customized program tailored to suite your individual needs. To create this, we need to hear from you about any symptoms you are experiencing and any food or behavioral preferences you have so that your program will be tailor-made and comfortable for you. This is the most efficient way to achieve and maintain optimal health, as your compliance is what drives your success.

If you are interested in nutritional assessment and personal coaching, please visit our website at www.wish4life.com for more information.