The Mystery is Over: Understanding Female Sexual Health - 3 payment option

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Introducing a new way of thinking about female sexuality and ways of caring for yourself that foster deep and compassionate relationships not only with yourself but with your partner as well. Healthy sexuality, just like a healthy relationship, all starts with you.

In this six-part professional education program you’ll discover and explore every aspect of female sexuality in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You’ll learn how to bring your body and mind into a deep state of health and vitality you never dreamed possible while exploring pleasure centers housed within your body that you didn’t know existed.

Caring for yourself in this way, whether you have a partner or not, can transform every area of your life including:

  • Providing new insights which can affect how you see yourself and how you relate to others.
  • Deepening your self-confidence so that you are more aware of what you need and how to ask for it.
  • Learning about all your previously unknown erogenous zones and discovering how to gently wake them up, keeping them alive and healthy.
  • Developing stronger and healthier pelvic floor muscles, bladder, rectum and genital tissues so that you can avoid future pelvic floor problems
  • Strengthening your communication skills with your intimate partner
  • And so much more!
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