Optimum Health Excursion with Dr. Sandy


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Exclusive Optimum Health Excursion with Dr. Sandy Bevacqua

Join Dr. Sandy in Lemon Grove (San Diego area), California for a week long stay at Optimum Health Institute (OHI). April 24-May 1, 2016. This is a great opportunity to do a spring time detox under Dr. Sandy's watchful eye. She has been to OHI many times and will share tips and tricks to help support your body as it releases stored toxins and to help you make the most out of your experience at Optimum Health. Then you'll have the opportunity to visit the home of a raw food chef who will show you how quick and easy raw food can be. You will leave feeling inspired and ready to go home and do this on your own. And finally, you'll join Dr Sandy at a raw food restaurant where you will discover how amazingly delicious raw food can be! We will send you home with 3 raw food books that will help you take that inspirationyou are feeling after your experience and help you incorporate these foods and lifestyle choices more fully into your daily activities.

Your OHI Excursion package includes all of your on-site meals. 1 massage. 2 colonics. 2 classes with Dr. Sandy. Off-campus trip for a half-day raw food class. Plus, dinner at an incredible raw food restaurant on the final evening of your stay. You'll receive 3 amazing recipe books on raw foods. You are invited to bring recent blood chemistry for Dr. Sandy to review and offer suggestions during your stay at OHI. 

What's not included: Airfare/transportation to San Diego. Transportation to and from the airport (15-20 minute cab ride - estimated cost ~$30). Any extras you chose to purchase. Consultation services with Dr. Sandy.

Limit: 12 people

Registration Deadline: April 1st or when we reach 12 people (whichever comes first)


Economy Room: a basic no frills room. King, Queen or 2 long twin beds. Private bath.

  • 1 person - $2510 
  • Shared room (2 people) - $ 2235 each

Large Garden Room: Large room with King or Queen bed. Private bath. Many recently remodeled. 

  • 1 person - $2585
  • Shared room (2 people) - $2280 each

Courtyard Bungalo: Large room with King size bed and private bath. Many recently remodeled. 

  • 1 person - $2625 (sold out)
  • Shared room (2 people) - $2245 each

Courtyard Appartments: Large room with Queen or King size bed.

  • 1 person - $2720
  • 2 people - $2330 each 

Townhouse - 2 bed/2 bath

  • 2 people - $4540 

Booking your flights. Try to arrive at OHI by 2 pm. Dr. Sandy will start our orientation at 3 pm (or earlier if everyone is here). OHI begins their Orientation at 4 pm. Then you can depart anytime on May 1st. You can hang out on campus and eat meals while you wait for your flight to depart. If you have a smart phone, Uber is a cost effective ride back to the airport but is likely prohibited from picking you up at the airport.

If you have any questions, please contact the office at 520-743-0575 and ask to speak with Robin.

Non Refundable fee of $500 once your reservation with Optimum Health is made. We will secure your room right away. See Terms of Service during checkout for the cancellation policy.

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